Web Development

“Good code” gets the job done. Damn good code practically runs itself. It is readable, efficient, maintainable, and it’s what we do. Every line is written with a focus on load speed, security, & efficiency all while elegantly degrading.

Build Simple. Iterate Often.

Our approach is simple -- we actually call our codebase Simple. Simple is the single core codebase that is the starting point of every site that we build. And as we build new functionality, we push all improvements to every client, so everyone benefits from new features, faster load speed, greater security, and happier users. These small iterative improvements means your web presence doesn’t get left behind as technology evolves.

Statamic + Laravel

We specialize in building websites on Statamic, a highly secure and efficient Laravel flat file CMS package. We consider Laravel the framework of web artisans like us, who focus on developing highly scalable and secure web applications.


Good code is less code. It does what it needs to do, in the least amount of lines possible. It is scalable, readable, efficient and graceful in the way it degrades. We build with an eye for stability and website security, all while delivering content at sub-second load speed.

How We Build


All change starts by listening. So we listen to hear your needs, how you plan to interact with your site and its services, and what you hope to achieve. We engage with you with transparency & honesty and together we set up clear milestones to get you to your end goal.

Build & Develop

We build our websites on Statamic, a highly secure and efficient Laravel flat-file CMS package with readable code that does exactly what you want it to. Damn good code makes troubleshooting simpler and scaling up a breeze.


All the beautiful code in the world won’t necessarily add up to a site that looks great and loads quickly. Efficient code and site performance are inextricably linked: write efficient code and you’ll see fast-loading pages, lower bounce rates, higher conversions — and most importantly, happy users.


What’s state of the art today may be obsolete tomorrow, so code that is adaptable and easy to maintain is critical. Rather than waiting until the release of a major update, we improve functionality with frequent code iteration. We believe iteration is the best return on investment.

  • You’ll avoid a massive project in the future

  • Each iteration delivers actual improvements that users experience

  • Reduces future tedious work spent migrating and adapting content your new site or application

  • Enables adaptability

  • Maintains security

Build Less. Iterate More.

...means adhering to an ethos of less is more and a strategy of continuous improvement that opens the door to endless possibilities. Let’s solve complex problems together with some <damnGoodCode/>.