Online Journal of Zaytuna College

Zaytuna College approached us with a vision to create an online academic journal for all their scholarly writings. The site had to provide a user experience focused on reading and digesting long form content on-screen.

Key Features

Simple and Elegant

Beautiful typography, powerful front-end functionality, all on a rock solid enterprise-grade Content Management System.


Quadraat, A beautiful serif typeface optimized for screen reading of large bodies of text including support for Arabic characters and glyphs. We paired it beautifully with its matching Sans Serif.

renovatio typography
renovatio footnote


Typically challenging to implement on screen, we utilized a simple but very effective "scroll to and scroll back" approach to navigate to and from endnotes while never losing reading position.

Built on Craft CMS

Longform content layout is made simple by utilizing Craft CMS. Craft incorporates some of the best first party features of any content management system on the market, making long maintenance and updates a breeze.

renovatio craft

“Renovatio is a Muslim journal about the ideas that have shaped our past and present world. Elegantly fusing old media with new media.”

photo work renovatio ipad 638x867 2x

Optimized for content consumption

Renovatio was extensively tested and optimized for an enjoyable digital reading experience.


Simple Design to uplift the inspiring content.

We focused on having the design take a seat and almost disappear to have the true star of the show shine, the thought-provoking content.

photo work renovatio homepage 2x


Having the ultimate amount of flexibility to showcase the articles was key, so we created a variety of block configurations consisting of one-up, two-up, and three-up articles which could be mixed and matched to create an infinite layout variations.

photo work renovatio article detail 2x

Article Detail Page

The reader is first presented with a short author bio and automatically calculated read time. Each article has the perfect balance of line length. As the user reads the copy the left side-bar presents them with related content such as pull quotes.

photo work renovatio author page 2x

Author Detail Page

As content editors publish articles and associate them with Authors, the respective author detail page shows the related articles. The author page also contains other external suggested readings helping provide readers endless amounts of content to discover.