Kaiser Permanente Southern California Community Health Campaign

Originally Kaiser Permanente's Community Benefit unit approached us asking for our technical expertise in helping them address content management problems. After our initial conversation we identified a bigger problem, the lack of storytelling and a website not focused on presenting the stories and other content to their full potential. We changed that.
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    The Community Health website received a facelift to focus on alignment with the greater Kaiser Permanente brand and has been made more user focused. We also gathered user behavior analytics to optimize content structure and usability.

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    Inspirational Stories

    We took inspiration from today's social media experience of infinite scrolling and auto playing silent videos to entice users to quickly scroll through the mosaic of inspirational stories and engage with the one's that really speak to them.

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    Investment Summaries

    We brought the online yearly investment summaries to life by integrating the ability to create yearly recaps quickly and easily by entering all details into the content management system (CMS) rather than having to manually layout and print, as was done prior.

550% increase in pageviews.

Storytelling through video worked hand-in-hand with the redesigned website to organically increase user engagement and reach.


“Thank you for always being so patient, kind, efficient, creative, innovative and fun”

~ Mary Grover-Stifel, Kaiser Permanente
Video Campaign

Community Health

Good health requires more than addressing physical health factors. It means looking at issues related to access to good care, economic security, mental health, and oral health.
Innovating, since the beginning.

An animated explainer mixed with live action to introduce CULTIVATE, a Southern California Kaiser Permanente Community Health Initiative.

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    Access to Care
    Community Partnerships Help Expand Access to Vital Medical Care

    Collaborations with safety net clinics strive to provide high-quality care for those who need it most.

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    Economic Security
    Improving Economic Security in our Communities

    Former inmates from 2nd Call help build the new Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Medical Office Building.

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    Mental Health and Behavior
    Providing Mental Health Care in Watts

    More than fifty years ago, Kaiser Permanente took a leading role in caring for the mental health and well-being of the people of Watts and the surrounding communities.

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    Oral Health
    Untreated Dental Disease Affects Overall Health

    Educating families about the importance of good health care, and providing convenient and affordable access to quality dental health care for our children.

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