Kaiser Permanente

In 1944, Henry J. Kaiser founded KP as a not-for-profit foundation on the belief that every person deserved medical care as a right, not a privilege. Over 70 years later, KP still operates on that same belief by supporting programs and organizations to fulfill the mission of creating healthy communities. KP wanted us to help them tell the story of their philanthropic work through a series of video vignettes and a new web presence.


Healthy Environments

Albert Gonzales’s Story

When a school creates a top-to-bottom culture of health and students are inspired to adopt healthy lifestyles, amazing things can happen. A young man’s life can change; a family can discard old habits and create beneficial new ones; an entire community can work to become healthier.

Healthy People

Dr. Gregerson’s Story

Lack of access to health care can have a significant impact on entire populations and few examples of this are more graphic than in downtown Los Angeles, where the John Wesley Community Health Institute provides much needed care to low-income residents.

Sharing Knowledge

Phin's Story

Kenny’s story is an example of the positive impact of Kaiser Permanente programs. It demonstrates that with perseverance, passion, goal-setting, and hard-work, many obstacles can be overcome and dreams can be attained.

Healthy Environments

Dr. Felix's Story

Gladys Felix recognized that language delay was a challenge many of her young patients were facing. She established Hablamos Juntos (“Talking Together”), a language development program to help families in this underserved community improve their reading and writing skills.

Storytelling through video worked hand-in-hand with the redesigned website to organically increase user engagement and reach. Pageviews saw an increase of 550%.

Laptop mockup showing the homepage of the KP Community Benefits website.
iPhone mockup showing the Getting Healthy and Keeping Fit page from the KP Community Benefits website. Apple iPhone mockup showing the KP Community Benefits website with navigation opened.
Various detail images of the KP Community Benefits website: Search functionality and Google Map functionality. iPhone mockup showing detail image of KP Community Benefits website.
Apple laptop mockup of the KP Community Benefits website.