Over a 3 year span, we worked with Intel's IT Standards team and Global Corporate Branding to architect and deliver toolkits for use by their global network of Software Engineers and Developers. These toolkits effectively standardized their newly adopted brand guidelines through the delivery of transactional email templates, microsite templates, Windows WPF/Metro Application development kit, Android Application development kit, and even a visual language consisting of over 420 custom icons.

Apple laptop mockup of Intel Microsite layout
Apple tablet mockup of Intel microsite layout
iPhone mobile mockup of Intel microsite with nav opened

Deployment of microsites made easy with a custom branded site theme built on the Bootstrap framework.

Windows laptop mockup of a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) layout.

Windows WPF and Metro template application to standardize windows application development.

Collage of various detail images of the Windows WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) layout.
Google Pixel phone mockup of the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) layout.

Responsive Email Template

Mockup of a responsive email template designed for Intel in an Apple Mail inbox.
Apple laptop mockup showing a page from the Intel website that displays icons. Apple iPhone mockup showing a page from the Intel website displaying icons.
Intel Icons

A small sampling of Intelicon, an icon font comprised of 420+ custom illustrated icons.