Cancel the Website Redesign

by Adnan Kussair

Clients typically come to us with an expectation that after a certain period of time, they’ll need to do a full overhaul of their site. This simply isn’t the case.

The typical redesign mentality, ironically does the opposite of what it promises. Instead of continuously moving forward, the web presence stays stuck in time between redesigns, at best getting new content posts, bug fixes and security patches. It's time to cancel the redesign.

By streamlining, iterating, and enhancing the three main facets of your web presence: content, design, and functionality, we continuously focus on growth. Notice the goal here is forward momentum.

For this reason, determining a set monthly reinvestment is critical. It eliminates the specter of a costly, and time-consuming "reinvent the wheel" redesign.

Dollars and Sense

Redesigns are time consuming, risky, and expensive. Vetting and selecting a team, rewriting and restructuring the copy, as well as ensuring that the transition from the old site to the new limits downtime and SEO impact are major tasks to take on. On average, the redesign cost can run anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

So a recurring monthly investment starts to make a lot of sense. It gives us the power to iterate, to improve and innovate regularly, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date site possible. Your site will never be stagnant, enabling you to see and interact with this continuous site evolution. Every month will reveal something new.

Continuous Iteration: Content, Design, & Functionality

Now let’s dive into what these continuous improvements will look like if you choose to work with us. In addition to specific client requests, any changes or updates we make come about as a result of our own assessment of your site, based on emerging technologies, more efficient design ideas, security needs, and simply observing and understanding what our clients and users want and how they interact with the site.

For instance, data may show that buttons aren’t converting as much as we’d like or users aren’t easily navigating to the pages they need. Based on this we’ll optimize the content and design in order to improve navigation and usability.

Continuous design refinement is a highly effective way to let users actually see and experience improvements and know the site is well maintained and always evolving. Your site will be aesthetically mature and current, giving it creative depth and further reducing the need for a massive redesign later on.

An iterative approach allows us to capitalize on and implement the latest technologies for faster, more streamlined functionality. Parallel to adopting new technologies are state-of-the-art security best practices, so that any lurking threats created by new site capabilities are immediately shut down, protecting your brand and users.

​​Building Blocks: How We Do It

We begin every site build with our single core codebase called Simple. Simple contains our library of go-to solutions, which we refer to as "blocks." These user-interface (UI) blocks are quite literally the building blocks for organizing and laying out your content on the various pages of your site. And as we build new functionality within Simple, we push all improvements to every client, so everyone benefits from new features, faster load speed, greater security, and happier users.

Rest Easy

Our iterative approach removes the (uncomfortable) prospect of asking company executives for a large budget allocation for a full-blown website redesign and all its inherent concerns, from impact on conversion rates to SEO, downtime, and interruptions to daily operations. All this evaporates and you can rest easy.

Our approach has always been to build sites that are scalable and will withstand the test of time. Build the very least amount initially, learn from users and clients on what we should build, and continue to do so for the lifetime of your site.

With this approach, every month you’ll make forward progress towards a highly secure web platform that converts better, stays aesthetically relevant, and streamlines internal processes. It's truly a no-brainer investment with massive returns.

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