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Cancel the Website Redesign

by Adnan Kussair

After a certain period, you may consider overhauling your site or web app. However, the typical redesign mentality does the opposite of what it promises.

Consider making this your last redesign.

Once launched, typical redesigned websites stay stuck in time instead of continuously moving forward while, at best, getting recent content posts, bug fixes, and security patches.

Dollars And Sense

Redesigns are expensive both in time and money. Vetting and selecting a team, rewriting and restructuring the copy, and ensuring that the transition from the old site to the new site limits downtime and SEO impact are significant tasks.

Instead, consider a consistent monthly investment in your website or web app. This investment would include streamlining, iterating, and enhancing the three critical facets of your web presence: content, design, and functionality. This way, you build a long-term relationship with an extended team, like us 😉, whose focus is on growing reach and improving the user experience. Every month will reveal something new. The goal is forward momentum and continuous evolution while eliminating the need for a time-consuming “reinvent the wheel” redesign down the road.

Continuous Iteration: Content, Design, & Functionality

Let’s dive into precisely what iteration includes in our studio:

  • Content Management System (CMS) and Server Updates - These are critical for security and reliability.

  • Improvements to our Simple Addon - whenever we add or improve a UI block, optimize core code for speed or security, or streamline the content editor experience, we do so in a centralized core code base that all websites share. Since each site is bespoke, we need to pull in and test the functionality of each site.

  • UI Design Improvements - For instance, data may show that buttons aren’t converting as much as we’d like, or users aren’t navigating to the pages efficiently. We’ll optimize the content and design to improve navigation and usability.

  • Functionality Enhancements - These typically come from content editors or marketing managers comprising ideas to support new campaigns or streamline internal workflows and processing.

Continuous refinement lets users try and experience improvements, knowing that the site is constantly evolving. It allows the user and the web presence to grow old together, achieving a mature aesthetic and creative depth.

At Transform Studios, our approach has always been to build scalable websites and web apps that withstand the test of time. Build the very least amount initially, learn from users, continue to improve, and do so for the lifetime of your web presence.

Ready to make this your last redesign? We’re here for you
Author: Adnan Kussair
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